Trujillo Picks

A community directory service for the Trujillo/Santa Fe, Colon, Honduras greater area.


Where locals, new residents & tourists can find out where to shop, play, eat, drink, visit & enjoy the lovely town of Trujillo, Honduras
and its surrounding area.

We can not validate or otherwise confirm the information provided to us by those listing on this website. Of course, if we are notified of errors or inaccuracies, and these are confirmed with the responsible person, we will change the listing.

We are looking for listings!

For any business or person wishing to be considered in this directory, or if you would like to suggest a listing, please complete the form shown on the Contact Us page.
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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, many businesses are closed temporarily or have restrictions about access. This needs to be determined directly with the business/person. And of course, with travel restricted in and out of Honduras, our community has shrunk considerably.
But regardless, we are going ahead with building this website in the expectation that things will return to normal eventually.

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